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Florence Foster Jenkins
Mozart’s aria Queen of Night 

Was Florence Foster Jenkin’s one of the Rebecca Black’s of classical music? 
Fueled by passion and later on her father’s inheritance  Florence pursued her career as an opera singer.
However, she lacked talent and refused to believe it.
With that in mind she would hire out Carnegie Hall and personally give out tickets. People would turn up just to laugh.
You can read more about her here

The pianist does a tremendous job following her and, of course, not bursting out laughing.

Can you name any more Rebecca Black’s of the classical world? If you can drop us a message or submit to us.

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Residence of Daisen in Tottori prefecture in Japan; designed by architect Keisuke Kawaguchi to “fit in between the gaps of trees”

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The ever changing hairstyles of Grace Wong!



Awfully Lawful → Episode 15

Jazz and Honey dancing


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She is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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a tribute to my favourite food

a tribute to my favourite food

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